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Lore´s weekend -- from Steven
  • 2016-09-26 18:50:07
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Early in the morning

Sunlight broke into the house through the curtains

Steven looked at the arms of cutie girl

Can not help but leaned gently kiss

Lore opening her eyes from the sleep gradually

Looking at Steven´s eyes

Full with love dearly

Lost words

After breakfast

Lore going to change clothes

"Oh, Zipper can not be pulled upI must have eaten too much in the morning"

Lore make a baby face to get the help from Steven


Zipper is Ok

The dress is very nice to her

Birds twitter barking

Feed the birds

Sitting on the ground in a daze

So boring

She took the book from Steven

Show a big cheesy smile in front of the camera

Nice Sunshine

Seaside is a happy fun place

Lore began to clamor to go to the beach

Puts on her new swimsuit bought yesterday

Wherever you go

Lore always be there with you

AILIJIA #10 -- Your Special Lover

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